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Clint & Vera's Native Flute Handbook - Sixth Edition

About the Handbook

Clint & Vera's Native Flute Handbook — Eighth Edition is a 542-page book provided to participants of programs (Native Flute Schools, Retreats, and other Gatherings) facilitated by Clint and Vera. It is based on articles written over the past several years by Clint and Vera, together with various co-authors. The articles have been assembled and edited specifically as an aid to our program participants.

Many people have contributed to this material, especially my co-authors on some of the chapters: Lynn Miller, Eric Miller, and Mary Knysh. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl, in her role as editor for the International Native American Flute Association newsletter Voice of the Wind and the current World Flute Society newsletter Overtones, provided editorial input on a number of the articles. Additional material and input has been provided by Randy Brody, Cornell Kinderknecht, R. Carlos Nakai, James Oshinsky, and many others.

The eighth edition, released August 3, 2020, is a substantial overhaul, expansion, and upgrade from the seventh edition … please consider fetching the latest version if you have an earlier edition.

Please note that the Native Flute Handbook is not available for sale. It is designed to reinforce and support the activities we facilitate and is privately distributed to participants of our workshops and members of Clint & Vera's Flute Newsletter list.

Also, we periodically update the content, so we ask folks not to “pass along” the PDF digital distribution itself. Rather, please point other program participants to this web site — — so that they may access the latest digital distribution.